Learning Objectives and Expectations

Course Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role content plays in your sales funnel and your nurturing strategy
  • Recognize how different types of content help with different objectives
  • Create a standard workflow and process for idea generation to develop a steady stream of content
  • Understand the importance of an editorial calendar and have the tools to establish one based on your goals

Who Is This Course For?

Marketers who have a solid understanding of:

  • Their overarching goals (thought leadership, lead generation, improved organic search)
  • Their audience personas
  • Their place in the industry through regular competitive analysis

Marketers who are new to the nuances of planning and implementing a content marketing strategy. They want to learn best practices for how content fits in a standard sales funnel and how to organize their strategy through an editorial calendar.


  • Analysis of your buyer’s journey and conversion funnel
  • Having diverse content types in your strategy
  • How different types of content work at different points in the content funnel
  • The benefits of repurposing content
  • What an editorial calendar is and why you need one
  • Setting up an editorial calendar
  • Mapping out an editorial calendar that can scale
  • Building content around an industry event
  • Creating a process for inspiration
  • How to use a single topic to fill multiple slots in your editorial calendar
  • Creating a workflow and approval process