Introducing Your Guides

What Is Influence & Co.?

Influence & Co. is a content marketing agency that combines a team of experts with customized technology and relationships with top publications. This unique approach provides our clients with a full-service solution to content marketing.

Is Influence & Co. Good At Content Marketing?

We've been publishing thought leadership content from our internal experts in reputable external publications since we started our company in 2011.

In 2014, we decided to invest in our company's ability to generate new revenue consistently via content marketing efforts. We launched our blog (The Knowledge Bank), we invested in HubSpot, we created an in-house marketing team, and we integrated a content marketing strategy to guide our efforts. In 2019, we have already generated $1.5 million in revenue solely from leads through our content marketing efforts.

Similar to the way our clients work with their dedicated content teams, Influence & Co.'s leadership team works with our marketing team to create and distribute content. This strategy allows us to reach company goals, such as lead generation, sales enablement, thought leadership, and brand building.

We use the same process internally that we practice for our clients, including content creation and our content marketing software. This allows us to streamline our communication, enhance collaboration, and track key content performance analytics. We rely on a similar editorial workflow that our clients' dedicated teams follow to create content, visualize our process, and focus our efforts where they'll have the biggest impact.

I'd Like to See Some Numbers, Please

  • Influence & Co. generated and nurtured more than 13,000 leads in 2018 using content and inbound marketing tactics. The primary sources of those leads were our guest-contributed content and PR efforts.
  • A majority of marketing-generated sales came to our company through our guest-contributed content and organic search, which we produce and distribute using the same services we offer clients.
  • In the past two years, Influence & Co. has closed more than $2.5 million in contracted revenue that originated from content marketing tactics.
  • Our sales team uses content every day to help overcome barriers and educate leads; this approach has helped us close more than $13 million in new revenue over the past two years.
  • Over the past three years, nearly 20% of new clients came from Influence & Co.'s inbound marketing efforts — inbound was our second-highest source of new sales consistently for three years.
  • In 2019, 40% of our new clients came from inbound marketing efforts, which made it our top source for new sales.

Your Content Strategy Course Guides

These team members helped shape this course with their expertise in content marketing. You will hear from some of them later in the course:

  • Kelsey Raymond, CEO and co-founder: Kelsey has eight years of experience running and growing a content marketing company. She also has 25 years of experience reading everything she can get her hands on.
  • Taylor Oster, design consultant: Taylor started Influence & Co.'s marketing department five years ago. She led that team to its incredible success with marketing-generated revenue, and recently stepped back into a consulting role. But not before helping get this course up and running.
  • Jennifer Faddis, vice president of account services: Jenn has been with Influence & Co. for more than five years and has held every position on the account team. As the vice president of account services, she manages and coaches members of the account services department to make sure our clients receive the highest level of service possible.
  • Tony Patrick, director of digital marketing: Tony has more than seven years of experience in content marketing, including four specializing in SEO. Tony helps our account teams and clients optimize their content for search engines, and he ensures everyone understands why SEO is so important.
  • Melanie Janisse, senior director of media relations: Melanie has been with the Influence & Co. team for more than seven years. She manages the team that builds relationships with our publications to ensure editors are excited about the articles our clients produce.
  • Brittni Kinney Ratliff, senior vice president: For more than four years, Brittni has specialized in high-level strategy development. She is a pro at helping marketing and business leaders identify the content tactics that will help them achieve their goals. She loves to travel, and she enjoys a strong coffee (and an even stronger whiskey).
  • Cherish Grimm, vice president: Cherish is the person at Influence & Co. that many leads recognize: She's the friendly face behind our website chat. Cherish manages our lead pipeline from our inbound marketing efforts, and she has been with Influence & Co. for more than five years.
  • Frances Gordon, senior content strategist: Frances creates and manages content strategies and pieces of content that meet our clients' goals and reach their target audience. Frances has been part of the Influence & Co. team for more than three years.

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